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      What Will 1991 Bring?  by Billy Dickinson
     That Form Of Doctrine by Richard DeGough
The Work of An Evangelist by Jack Cutter
      Looking Toward 1991 by Don L. King
      Querist Column - Is it necessary for us to sing a hymn after we observe the Lord's Supper as
      was apparently done by the disciples in Mt. 26:30?  
      When Christians are traveling on the Lord's day and there is no church close by, is it scriptural for them to
      have the communion in their motel room? by Ronny F. Wade 

     Is Christianity Worth It?  by Johnny Elmore
     Worship Of The Lord's Church Is On The Lord's Day by Barney Owens
     You Must Be Born Again by Jerry Cutter
     Don't Be Ashamed by Bobby Pepper
     Querist Column -
Is it scriptural for a church to plan a meeting (or work) larger than they can afford
       and receive funds into their treasury from other congregations to support it? by Ronny F. Wade 

     The New Birth by Joe Hisle
    The Imminent-Coming Heresy by H.C. Harper (orig. 1938)

    The Drums of War by Ronny Wade
    Querist Column -
Is it wrong for Christians to observe Christmas?  Is it wrong for Christians to have a
     Christmas tree? by Ronny F. Wade    

    "I Just Don't Love You Anymore" by Jimmie Smith
    Advertising Trouble by Ronny F. Wade
    The Work in Africa -- A History Of Its Beginning by Paul O. Nichols
    A Key Building Block by Jack Cutter
    Querist Column -
In 1 Cor. 11:7 man is made in the image of God, and apparently not woman. 
     Why? Because God is male?
     How are a man's prayers hindered by not respecting his wife?  by Ronny F. Wade

     ...And Who Will Motivate Me?  by Larry Lay
    Why Can't We Have Elders In That Church? by Bennie Cryer
    God's People by Jim Winchester
    Is Sin Dominating Your Life? by Tony Melton
    Querist Column -
What Scriptures, if any, indicate how much a man is to he given for his work of
      preaching?  What if the man is not a full time preacher?  by Ronny F. Wade

The Perfecting Process by Jack Cutter
    What Is The Work Of An Evangelist? by Joe Hibbs
    Outline Of The New Testament by James Orten 
    Malawi:  Early History by Jerry Cutter
    Querist Column -
If a Christian commits a sin of a private nature, may he pray for himself or does
     he need to seek a brother to pray for him? 
     If one is baptized insincerely, does he become a child of God? 
May a woman confess faith in Christ in a church service? How does this relate to Paul's instructions in 
     I Cor. 14:35?
by Ronny F. Wade

    The Worship of the New Testament Church by Jimmie C. Smith
    The First Day Vs. The Sabbath by Irvin Barnes
    "Singing and Making Melody in Your Heart" Vs. Playing On An Instrument 
     by Johnny Elmore
    Teaching The Word by Paul O. Nichols
    Let Your Women Keep Silent by Joe Hisle
    The Scriptural Observance of the Lord's Supper by Bennie Cryer
    History of Individual Cups by Ronny F. Wade
    The One Loaf by Don L. King
    Breaking Bread by Clovis T. Cook
    Contribution or Giving by Richard DeGough
    "And They Continued Steadfastly In Prayers" by Taylor A. Joyce

    He Left Rockin' by Taylor A. Joyce
    Be Not Deceived by Don L. King
    Malawi:  Crisis Time by Jerry Cutter
    History of the Honduran Work by Murl R. Helwig
    Querist Column -
Why did the Lord try to kill Moses and why did his wife Zipporah call him a bloody
     husband because of the circumcision Ex. 4:24-26?  
     Can we baptize in the name of Jesus only, or does Mt. 28:19 give the full formula for baptism?
    by Ronny F. Wade

    In Remembrance by Don L. King
    Evading Responsibility by Johnny Elmore
    The Three R's by Bennie Cryer
    Malawi:  1964 Forward by Jerry Cutter
    Foreign Missionary Work by Ronny F. Wade
    Querist Column - What is the New Age Movement?  by Ronny F. Wade         
    The Strong and the Weak by Bennie T. Cryer
    Faith Vs. Opinion by Clovis T. Cook
    The Church of Christ (Part 1) by Barney Owens
    Malawi Report by Roy Lee Criswell
    Querist Column -
What is meant by the judgment of the great white throne?
     Are Christian schools religious institutions? In paying tuition are we supporting them?  
    by  Ronny F. Wade

    Rules of Liberty by Bennie T. Cryer
    A Day To Remember by Don McCord
    Limited Horizons by Taylor A. Joyce
    There Was One Gospel by K.G. Wilks
    Brethren, Read This by Don L. King
    The Church Adrift by Doug Hawkins
    Brother Karl Glyn Wilks:  A Tribute by Don McCord
    Querist Column -
If two Christians marry and later divorce for a reason other than given in Mt. 19:9, 
     and one of them decides they didn't know what they were doing when they were baptized, and is rebaptized, 
     would the party then be free to re-marry since the first marriage was contracted before baptism?
If there is a married couple and one leaves the church and asks for a divorce, should the innocent party use 
     Mt. 18:15-17? If this is not done, what should be done?
If a congregation Scripturally withdraws fellowship from a couple for adultery and informs other neighboring
     congregations of all facts involved, what should the attitude of these congregations be?   
    by  Ronny F. Wade


    The Lord's Work In Mexico by Wayne McKamie
    Supporting The Weak by Tony Melton
    Apathy And Its Effects by Jimmie C. Smith
    Querist Column - Does Jude cite uninspired sources in Jude 9,14-15? Are we to infer that Enoch of
     history (Gen. 5:21-24), spoke the words attributed to him in this prophecy?
  by  Ronny F. Wade    

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