January 1, 1991 Issue
by Don L. King

As we look toward the new year there are plans being made even as you read this for Old Paths Advocate. We will outline some of the plans so you will be looking forward to reading future issues.

We have contacted a number of preaching brethren who have contributed their talents in the foreign fields. During 1991 material will be put before you giving the history of foreign works around the world. Brother Paul Nichols has agreed to write a history concerning the beginning of the African work. In fact, this is already in our office and will likely be used in the April, 1991 issue. It is very interesting and informative and you will undoubtedly enjoy it very much. Paul and Wilma were the first to go into Africa in the early 1950s and his perspective is invaluable. Brother Jerry Cutter will be writing about the later years of Africa and there may very well be material from others such as Bill Davis who is presently in South Africa. Bill has been asked to write about the work in South Africa as well as his years in Malawi if he desires. Bennie Cryer will deal with the work in Zambia and Maylasia. Brother Murl Helwig will give us a history of the work in Honduras and Brother James Orten will enlighten us concerning the churches in Scotland and England. Wayne McKamie will furnish a history of the work in Mexico. We will also have materials concerning the history of how the work began in Australia, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and perhaps India also. These will be spaced throughout the year but will furnish a concise history of our mission work around the world. Future generations can greatly benefit from this as we continue to preach the gospel abroad.

We have also contacted various preachers and brethren with requests for articles dealing with specific subjects for next year. One example is the subject of Satan. Wayne McKamie has agreed to write a series about this. Brother Don McCord has promised to write about the works of the flesh (Galatians 5) and the fruit of the Spirit. Others will be asked to write on other important themes. Of course, Ronny Wade will continue the question and answer column (and at least one special issue of OPA) and Johnny Elmore has been asked to write more about "Modern Moral Issues," a column he previously edited and which was well received. In addition, he has been asked to write a series on the Translations of the Bible presently available. I personally feel this is a very important topic and look forward to reading from him. Barney Owens has been asked to write some articles dealing with the church which will be of great use to new members and those in foreign lands. Of course, we continue to request material from our preachers on a voluntary basis as has been our practice for nearly sixty years. The paper must have their cooperation to remain the great tool for good it has been since 1932. With this issue, OPA is 59 years old and going strong. Subscriptions are virtually at an all time high. But we are not contented. We know we have made mistakes and we hope to do better by being better in 1991. To all of our preachers we ask: Send us your field reports! Brethren everywhere tell us this is the first portion of the paper they turn to. Please don't fail to send these as they are a tremendous benefit to the Cause of Christ by letting brethren know where you are and what you are doing. Make them brief! A quarter to a half page of typed and double spaced writing is perfect. There is room for everyone if all will heed this. If you have studied a topic intensely why not consider submitting it for the brotherhood to read. Again, type it, double space it and try to contain it within four pages or less. A suggestion: let's stay away from things likely to stir trouble. Also, write with a good spirit and a desire to build up and strengthen the Church. Before you write, remember to ask the question, "is this really what I want the whole world to read from my pen?"

The printed page is likely the most valuable tool available today in spreading the truth of God's Word. Please brethren, let us all put our shoulders to the wheel and work together in unity and peace. What great things can be accomplished this year? Only Heaven knows. However, one thing is certain. We can do more together! Send your material, field reports and remember we need them by the 8th of the month before you need them to come before the readers. We publish in advance.

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