March 1, 1991 Issue
by Ronny F. Wade

At this writing war is raging in the middle east. Once again the principles of the Prince of Peace have been disregarded with devastating results. Many of us in this wonderful country have been lulled into a false sense of security by a period of peace that resulted in an all voluntary army. Since there has been no draft, some have failed to take seriously the threat of war, as well as a necessary readiness to declare and defend our belief that service in the military is wrong. We are also seeing, for the first time, the outcome of legislation providing equal rights for women. With increasing numbers our mothers and young women are being sent to the front lines to serve in ways the military machine. We were told this would never happen, but it has.

As a result of all this, many have been awakened by an urgency, wondering what they need to do to declare themselves conscientiously opposed to service in the military. The OLD PATH ADVOCATE as always served our young people in this capacity, publishing their names so that there is a public record of their declaration. To all those who might be wondering or asking I offer the following advice:

1. Do not claim to be a conscientious objector unless you really are and your life attests to that fact.

2. Prepare a statement that sets forth your convictions and have it read before the congregation where you regularly meet. Date the statement and keep a copy of it for your files

3. Have your name published in the OLD PATHS ADVOCATE under the statement declaring your opposition to military service. Be sure to keep a copy of the issue of the paper in which your name appears.

A large list appeared last month, and another this month. Due to the nature of the world situation, we will continue to run these lists monthly until we publish the name of everyone who wants theirs to appear. If you know someone who does not subscribe to the OLD PATHS ADVOCATE encourage them to do so today, so they can take advantage of this opportunity to let their stand be known.

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Ronny F. Wade
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