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    "Baptism Doth Also Now Save Us"  by  Billy Dickinson
   A Daily Treasure by Brian Burns
   As We Begin A New Year by Don L. King
   By Way Of Remembrance by C. A. Smith
    Escaping Temptation by Walter L. Hunter
    Looking to Jesus by Doug Edwards
Pages From The Past - "Things to Which Our Salvation is Ascribed" by Homer L. King
   Preaching Christ by Voyd N. Ballard


   CW Mickey Meekly Bows Out by Ronny Wade
  I'm Simply Amazed by Gary Barrett
  Pages From the Past - "The Faith" by H. C. Harper
  The Devil for a Father-in-law by Andrew Ong
  The Mess They Are In by Voyd N. Ballard
  The Names We Wear by Jimmy Smith


    Moore Wade Debate by Ronny Wade


    Arguments Pertaining to the Godhead by Billy D. Dickinson
    Bible Translations, Versions and Transliterations Defined by K. G. Wilks
    I Begged You For My Life, But You Couldn't Hear Me by Tony Denton
    Notice of Withdrawal of Fellowship by Don McCord
    The First and Second Resurrections
    Untying the Gordian Knot by Jerry Dickinson

    Editorial: Hisle-Bonner Debate by Carl W. Johnson
    Points to Consider by Jerry Cutter
    The Lord is Your Life Part I by Greg DeGough


    Pages From The Past - A Miracle Feast by Alfred Elmore
    The Lord is Your Life Part II by Greg DeGough
    The Spirits in Prison by Don L. King
    When He is Come by Voyd N. Ballard
    Withdrawal of Fellowship by Voyd N. Ballard
    Worship: Our Response to God by Leland Byars

    Did Jesus Die For Our Physical Infirmities by Jimmy Vannoy
    Did Jesus Give Us the King James Version by Gary Barrett
    Influence by Bob Johnson
    Is It Yet The House Of God by Bennie T. Cryer
    Malpractice Concerns Ministers by Barney Owens
    Televangelists by Don L. King

    Querist Column -  How the Devil Works Today by Ronny F. Wade

    Crisis in the Home by Jack Cutter
    Malpractice Concerns Minister Part II by Barney Owens
    "One Church" by Edwin Morris
    Pages From The Past - The Great Salvation & The Day of Judgment by G. A. Canfield

    Pages From The Past- The Unjust (Parts I & II) by H. C. Harper
    "Shaking in His Boots" by Voyd N. Ballard
    That you may Grow by Virgilio O. Danao Sr.
    The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation by Grace Through Faith by Andrew Ong
    The Mystery of Christ and the Church by Billy Orten
    Querist Column  -
Who are the sons of God mentioned in Gen. 6:2?
                                        What does the word nature mean in I Cor. 11:14?
- by Ronny F. Wade

    An Unenviable Position by Johnny Elmore
    Are You An Addict? by Wayne Kilpatrick
    Do We Correct Like Eli? by Brian Burns
    From the Pen of Alexander Campbell
     Homosexuality by J.P. Vernon
    Pages From The Past -
The Unjust (part III) by H.C. Harper
Querist Column -     What should happen when a brother continually retards the growth
                                            and progress of the church by refusing to go along with those who
                                            desire to work and move forward?

                                            When did Paul receive the Holy Ghost, when he was baptized? 

                                            In a congregation that does not have elders, is it scriptural to vote in
                                            our business meetings? 
by Ronny Wade

     "But When That Which Is Perfect Is Come..."  by  Cris Graham
    For Those Who Are Hard of Hearing and For Those Who Are Not by Raymond Fox

     Is Baptism Essential for Salvation? by Gerald Barrett
     More 'Points to Consider' by John Fisher
    Should A Christian Go To The Movies?  by James L. Winchester
    The Good Gifts and The Perfect Gifts by Bennie T. Cryer
    Querist Column - 
If baptism is not a replacement of circumcision, then how is 
                                        Col. 2:11-12 to be explained? 
by Ronny Wade

    Are Grace and Works Mutually Exclusive?  by Andrew Ong
    Editorial by Don King
    Incarnation:  The Virgin Birth of Christ Jesus by Virgilio O. Danao, Sr.
    The One-Man Preaching System by Clovis T. Cook
    When A "Jehovah's Witness Knocks on Your Door"... by George Battey
    The Question of "Tongues" by Glen Osburn
    Querist Column - 
Does John 6:51-63 refer to the Lords Supper?  by Ronny Wade   

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