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In the March, 1852 issue of the Millennial Harbinger a man identified only as J.S. asked Bro Campbell about the "assurance" of the resurrection spoken of in Acts 17:31. He wrote: "Now, sir, this assurance is precisely what I want. Where shall I seek it? Where can I find it? Will you do me the kindness to name the best English authority on the subject; or if not too great a tax, answer yourself?" The following is A. Campbells reply: (D.L.K.) "Dear Sir: In response to your very important query, I would state, that the word here rendered assurance, is pistis, properly translated faith. He has given to all men faith, Jews and Gentiles, that is, abundant proof or evidence that he will judge the world by Jesus Christ, and render to every man according to his works, in the fact of his raising Jesus from the dead.

The evidence of the ultimate judgment is, then, based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, inasmuch as God would not have raised him, had he not spoken the truth. Now, as that fact is the best proved fact in the annals of time, the highest moral certainty is given to all mankind, Jew and Greek, who have this testimony.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead being a sensible fact, is confirmed by the martyrdom of so many of those who suffered death for proclaiming it, or that they saw him after he rose. So, that all that suffered death, as witnesses of that fact, sealed their testimony of its verity with their own blood. And to this, this next strongest evidence or assurance is the consecration of the day of his resurrection, once every week, by the observance of all Christians. These constitute the highest moral assurance that man can have, by faith, in any testimony whatever. No historic fact, universally admitted in Christendom, is so indisputably evident and demonstrable, as this one. Hence God has given the full assurance of faith to all who candidly examine the premises connected with his resurrection. In our own style, to give evidence is to give faith, and that is to give assurance. Hence, millions are as much assured that Napoleon, Washington and Franklin, lived and died, as that their wives and children now live, that there is such a city as London and Jerusalem, as that there is the state of Ohio, in which they live.

I trust Dr. S. will pardon the liberty I have taken, in giving his letter to my readers. There are many who, like himself, desire more light on this subject. I would refer him to my Debate with Mr. Owen, a new edition of which is about being issued at Cincinnati. That God will judge the world by Jesus Christ, is proved by his raising him from the dead, the fruit of a judgment held upon him and his murderers; the prison was opened, and the prisoner falsely accused and condemned for blasphemy, was discharged. This is the proof or assurance of his innocence; and that proved, a resurrection and future state is established beyond doubt. Hence, there is more evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that for any event in the history of man. With much respect, yours, A.C."


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