August 1, 1987
Barney Owens

As you can see this is the second article on this subject so I wish to ask you to read the former piece (July 1987 Issue) to refresh your memory before proceeding. At this time some examples of MINISTER MALPRACTICE will be given.


Under this caption there are two things I would note especially:

(1) Those claiming Gods guidance in their preaching;

(2) Those claiming God is working through them to perform miracles.

Under the 1st subheading, we are often told that God has selected, called, and puts into their hearts and mouths the things He wishes others to be told. When such claims are made they always have something to express which is not in the Bible, as of course, such guidance is not needed if one is going to preach, follow, and tell others to follow the written word of God. If the word of God has given to all men the things necessary to being saved and living the Christian life upon earth, then whatever one preaches to others by way of instruction can be read from that word. But it one is desirous of leaving the word of God in teaching or in practice then he is in need of something else FROM GOD. (See these: Jn 8:31 -32; 17:17; Eph 3:1-5; II Tim 2:15; 1:5; 3:15-17; I Pet 4:11; Gal.

1:6-9; Rev 22:18-1 9). Any man speaking anything other than the written word of God, proclaiming it from God is guilty of MALPRACTICE.

Subheading two is proclaimed far and wide, through every medium. Very carefully their words are selected to inform the hearers; "it is not I that do these works, it is God using me, I am but the Lords instrument, etc. etc." Failure is blamed on who? My friends, how many have you known who have had severed limbs replaced, eyes that have removed put back in, folk who have died and buried resurrected by these ministers? I dare say the answer is NONE! Some years ago I followed a notable minister in this area on the radio, who claimed to be Gods instrument, to go with me to a local school for the deaf and restore the hearing to one of these children, or to a local cemetery and raise one from the grave, at which time I would also give to a child hearing and raise the one in the next tomb. Although the challenge was made repeatedly, do you know it was never answered. And (with tongue in cheek) I thought perhaps Oral Roberts or one of his equals might be summoned as surely many believers would be made at such feats, but none would respond to

the call. What of their claims and practices (?)

--MALPRACTICE. Read for yourself the signs Christ promised would be performed (Mk 16:14-20). Not only were these promised, they were performed (Heb 2:1-4). Oh, I am aware that this article and thousands like it will not stop these, anymore than a faulty physician could be stopped, but perhaps as you read this you will think seriously about these so-called "faith healers" seeing them for what they are "fake-healers." It is MALPRACTICE.


Many times in these pages the false doctrine of "once saved always saved" has been dealt with, as well as the practice of the Roman Church selling "indulgences" to its members, which is the same in principle. Either doctrine allows one to commit sin without consequence as far as God and eternal salvation are concerned. Actually the doctrine is not new, as it was preached by Satan to the first pair long ago in the Garden (Gen 3:1-6). To refresh your memory about New Testament teaching on the matter you might read these passages: (Gal 5:4; Heb 6:4-6; II Pet 2:20-22; I Jn 1:8-10). To preach and practice one can sin and be saved is MALPRACTICE.

Something else very common among these ministers as they play with the hearts of sincere people, is to give when there is none. This occurs when a memorial service is conducted for one who has lived in sin, as they hold up for their salvation to loved ones left here. The minister will say, "but thank God he accepted Jesus many years ago, before this evil took his life." Or "there is evidence that he called on the Lord just before he expired." Again by supplying the priest with money one can secure a loved ones deliverance from "the flames of purgatory." Still others proclaim that members of their sect can be "baptized for a dead loved one." Having personally stood in a position many times, where one has died without obeying the gospel, it is certainly not a comfortable place to be, as words of comfort are sought, but to promise something that is not there is nothing short of MALPRACTICE. What would you think if your parent, child, or mate were taken by a grievous disease and upon examination by a doctor you were told, "everything may work out alright, I believe it will," although the physician knew full well death was rapidly approaching? Or worse yet, to prescribe something that would be harmful rather than good. Wouldn't you cry MALPRACTICE? The medicine might make you feel better at the moment, but be incorrect. Is the principle different in the spiritual realm because the man claims to be a member of the "cloth?" Can falsehood be accepted because it is under the guise of religion, where in fact the truth should of all places shine brightly?


In coming days we are going to see more and more of these toward ministers, churches, and religious organizations than we ever dreamed in the past. The times are ripe for suits of every sort under the sun and religion will not escape. lt doesn't matter if the suits are right or wrong, it will prove interesting, as we watch the teachings and practices of ministers being tried and often found wanting for MALPRACTICE.


As you read these lines I am thankful that you are concerned with these things and we should always keep in mind upon condemning the practices of denominationalism for their hireling system, we shall not be exempt. In an age when the "clouds of the paid preacher" are covering to many congregations and we are sought for "counseling" rather than preaching the truth, and some are "employed" by congregations to "keep things going with the young people," or "good at playing games," we shall not escape the Court of Heaven. God will charge us with MALPRACTICE. There is no excuse for the behavior of some of us, my brethren. We might try to shift the responsibility to the brethren because that "is what they want," while we have allowed it, so we are not guiltless, anymore than was Adam who said, "the woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat." God told Adam what to do but he failed--MALPRACTICE. God had told us what to do and if we fail or do something else, likewise the ways of the world in "ministering" rather than "preaching" are wrong and sinful.

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