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Biblical Apocrypha

I've read that all scripture and books in the Bible are not included in our current Bibles. The books of the Bible were decided by committee, thus some scripture was cut out. These books are called Biblical Apocrypha and include 14 books. These were included in the King James Version year 1611.
My question is this: How can we go to Heaven if we aren't reading the full version of the Bible? Also, if these books were God's word, why weren't they included? Thank you so much for any replies to this. I want to understand why this would happen. Thank you again.

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  1. On 4/23/2015 GeoCook Said:

    The statement that all Scripture and books in the Bible are not included in our current Bibles is false. If that were true then our heavenly Father would not have the power to provide his story of salvation to the world. He would be subject to the whims of man and I cannot accept that possibility!
    As explained in my “Why I Am Not A Catholic” article the decisions regarding inspired books was made by apostolic fathers, not councils or committees. The 39 books of the Old Testament were a product of the Jewish nation. The 27 books of the New Testament were known as inspired long before the Catholic Synod of Carthage "voted them in."
    The Synod's decision to include the 27 books was ex post facto, i.e., after the fact. The approved books were already accepted, were used in worship and universally known to be valid.
    Perhaps the earliest Christian canon is the “Bryennios List” which was found by Philotheos Bryennios in the Codex Hierosolymitanus. The list is written in Koine Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew and dated to around 100 AD.
    The criteria called for the writings by an apostle or the student of an apostle, which, after AD 100, is no longer possible. Acts 1:21-22 specifies a replacement apostle must be one who traveled with Christ from his baptism to his resurrection.
    In the case of Paul, he was an apostle yet did not travel with Christ. He was legitimate because he was not a replacement, he was not voted in by the others. God Himself personally selected Saul! In Acts 22 Luke wrote of how God Himself had chosen Saul to be a witness (teacher) to all men. In Eph 3:3-5 Paul writes that by revelation God “made known unto me” the mystery. So when you read you may understand where he received the knowledge. In the past it was not known to man but God has made known to us by his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit. Thus we accept the writings of Paul as inspired by the Spirit of God.
    Thus, if anyone were to come along after 100 AD and offer a seemingly divinely authored book we can reject it because the existing Bible is complete and self-protecting. There has been no one alive since AD 100 who traveled with Christ! Subsequent books with new gospels cannot be from God!
    We have confidence that “the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men” (Titus 2:11) is true and we all have the same opportunity to read about salvation. No one has an excuse to ignore the Bible because they think it is missing valuable information.
    The Biblical apocrypha (hidden books) are the result of a series of events long after the apostolic period. The very fact that controversy exists is enough reason to dispute their canonicity. Many apocrypha are Hebrew in text yet not part of the Hebrew Bible. That is enough for me.
    The "hidden" books that some claim should be part of the New Testament are not part of the “official” canon since they were not written by the apostles and accepted by 100 AD.


Showing 1-1 of total 1 Replies                                                             Page 1
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