How To Ensure That You Receive Our E-Mails

Increasingly, ISPs are using filtering systems to try and keep Spam out of customers' inboxes. Sometimes, they accidentally filter the e-mail that you want to receive.

To make sure that our e-mails are not filtered into your 'junk' or 'bulk' folder, please add and  to your list of trusted senders. This is very important, if you want to receive the brotherhood email announcements.

Please do this RIGHT NOW before you close this page. Here's how:

Hotmail: Place the domains and on your Safe List, so that you can receive our e-mails, newsletters and our support replies. The safe list can be accessed via the 'Options' link next to the main menu tabs.

AOL: Place the domains and in your Address Book.

Yahoo! Mail: If one of our e-mails is filtered to your 'bulk' folder, open the message and click on the 'this is not Spam' link next to the 'From' field.

Some spam filters: Place the domains and on the filter's whitelist. You may need to search a filter's help for how to do this, and depending on software/version, they may call a 'whitelist', a 'good list', a 'safe list' or some other similar name.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but these circumstances are beyond our control. All you and we can do is work together with the ISPs to shut out the spammers.

Make 100% sure the email addresses below are ones in which you can receive emails! and

In His Service,
David Risener
P. O. Box 57
Sulphur, OK 73086
817-710-4291 voice
817-473-5088 fax

WARNING: Make sure the e-mail you want is never accidentally deleted as "spam"!

Sometimes the spam filters used by Internet Service Providers can delete mail you've actually requested to receive... so you never even see it!

To make sure you receive Prayer Requests and other Brotherhood notifications, please add the domains and  to your list of approved senders. Here's how:

Instructions for AOL users

Instructions for Hotmail users

  • Open your Hotmail e-mail account
  • Click "Contacts"
  • In the left-hand menu, click "Safe List"
  • Enter and click "Add"
  • Enter and click "Add"

Instructions for Yahoo! users

  • Open your Yahoo! e-mail account
  • Click "Mail," and select "Options"
  • Click "Filters"
  • Click "Add"
  • Click in the text box in the top row ("From header") and enter
  • In the pull-down menu for "Move the message to," choose "Inbox"
  • Click "Add Filter"
  • Also, please add the addresses and to your address book

Instructions for Earthlink Users

Instructions for other e-mail services

  • Add  and to your address book or list of contacts
  • If you can't add an entire domain ( | to your contacts list, please add the e-mail addresses and

If you have followed the instructions above and still are not receiving our Brotherhood email notices (although you have checked the box on your personal registration profile requesting these notices), please contact your internet service provider for help.  If all else fails, contact us so that we can research your particular problem!

Click here to print these instructions!


The following are companies that are known for blocking financial / banking / corporate / and other requested email notifications: AOL, EarthLink, Yahoo!, Hotmail, sbcglobal and MSN contact them first and if they do not fix the problem of not receiving emails from and then change provider.

You might want to avoid AOL, EarthLink, Yahoo!, Hotmail or MSN as hosting services ...because these have been known to block emails you need and want.  You might want to set up a special account with another host just to receive Prayer Request notices.

There is a large amount of info on all these companies blocking requested emails (please note that the content of the following pages may change and we can not endorse blindly what is stated):

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    If you need additional help... let me know :-)

    In His Service,
    David Risener
    P. O. Box 57
    Sulphur, OK 73086
    817-710-4291 voice
    817-473-5088 fax