Have you considered the benefits of sending cards to others...

Below is just a sample of what you can do with an incredible mailing system

Some of the features are:
  • Over 15,000 + cards to choose from or Custom Design Your Own
  • Send as Greeting Card or a Post Card
  • Send a beautiful “real” Greeting Card from your computer in less than 30 seconds
  • Type your message, press a button and the card is mailed for YOU
  • Pick the front of your card, and keep or change the inside message
  • Send in up to 9 different fonts and/or colors
  • Send with your own personal handwriting font/signature
  • Send Gift Cards, Gifts or Checks with any card
  • Upload a picture from your computer & have it print on the inside or front of the card
  • Send an Unexpected card at an unexpected time
  • Say Thank You and express your appreciation
  • Remind People of their Appointments with you
  • Never Forget Birthdays or special occasions
  • Send Newborn, Engagement, or Wedding Announcements


Email... David Risener and I will put you in touch with the right person to get you started.

David Risener



Make sending a note a habit!

With SendOutCards its easy and cost-effective to manage and send really high quality cards automatically.

You'll be amazed at the impression it will make when you have this company personally mail for you a nice looking post card, standard card or even a card with your family’s or the congregation’s picture on it.

Sooooo many benefits with this service... Send a card to...
Someone on our Internet Prayer Request list
Someone who visited your congregation
Someone having a birthday, anniversary, shower, graduation
A dear Christian friend who has moved far away or even close by
A preacher... thanking him for a successful Gospel Meeting

Businesses are successfully using this technique to keep customers coming back!
We can do the same with Church visitors, and even encouraging one another.  (also consider your own business)
Gospel Meeting Announcements!!!
You can even set up a favorites list and schedule cards to go out automatically for special events.

Imagine a system that will never let you forget a birthday again.

Imagine a way to send an unexpected card everyday to people you care about.

Imagine the ability to act on a prompting and express yourself to someone who needs it.

  Do you think that would make a difference in promoting good will and Christian love 

This system allows you to advertise your congregation, keep in touch with visitors, take care of follow-ups, get more referrals and home studies, or just say thank you.

Best Regards,
David Risener

In the book "How To Master The Art Of Selling", Tom Hopkins talks about developing the Thank You note habit.

This book has been used for more than 20 years in nearly every sales profession.

Early in his career, Tom sent out 10 Thank You Notes a day. Within 2 years 100% of his business came from referrals.

Many local businesses are using Send Out Cards as a powerful marketing tool for prospecting, referrals and customer retention.

Make sending a note a habit!... with this system or make up a system of your own... And see how it benefits your congregation, love ones, those in sorrow, the sick and also rejoice with those special events in other’s lives.

With SendOutCards its easy and cost-effective to manage and send cards automatically. There are so many ways to express that you care that it should never become form like or common placed. You'll be amazed at the impression it will make.

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