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David Risener

UPDATE:  Our 5,000 ...6 Volume CD sets are out of stock.  HOWEVER, we have placed all of the talks on this website and you are welcome to listen or copy the talks for personal use at not charge.


OLD INFORMATION:  We completed a 6-volume set of special CDs that presents New Testament first principles. These CDs were designed to be used as handouts to visitors at Church, neighbors, friends, relatives, door-to-door visits, etc. A non-member or babe in Christ could receive volume I and then, if interested, a follow up with the next volume until the 6-volume series is completed. Each CD can be mailed and has a place for address / return address / stamp. When handing these out, the address area can also be used for local contact/congregation information.

This set of CDs can be played in a car CD player or any portable CD player in addition to a computer player. 

These CDs are for handouts and their contents have also been placed on the website. You may view the contents of the CDs by going to:

The quality of these 7-minute talks varies. All talks on the CDs are of reasonably good quality; however, several were done on home tape recorders. We regret we were unable to use a couple of talks, and we apologize to the preachers who took time to send them to us.

Below is a list of preachers giving the 7-minute talks. There are 48 7-minute talks, plus introduction and closing comments and songs.

Allen C. Bailey
Randy Ballard
George F. Battey
Terry Baze
Smith H. Bibens
Melvin Blalock
Brian Burns
James Cating
Ron Courter
Mike Criswell
Jim Crouch
Doug Edwards
Johnny Elmore
Wayne Fussell
Greg Gay
Douglas Hawkins
Brett Hickey
Joe Hisle
Carl Johnson
Miles King
Don McCord
Wayne McKamie
Edwin Morris
Paul Nichols
James Orten
Glen Osburn
Kevin W. Presley
Don Pruitt
Aaron Risener
C. A. Smith
Ronny Wade

I would like to personally thank every brother and sister who has made this possible... all the preachers, designers, technicians, proofreaders, singers, financial supporters, my sons, my wife ...everyone ! ...Thank you!!! It has been a real honor to work with all of you on this soul-saving project.

In His Service,

David Risener
PO Box 57
Sulphur OK 73086 

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