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    The Good Confession (Part 2) by Greg Gay
    The Nature of Angels by Alan Bonifay
    Editorial -- The Old Paths by Don L. King
    Preaching More Than You Know by Jerry Dickinson 
    This and That by Don McCord      
    Querist Column -
If a brother or sister stops coming to the services of the church or if they attend a
      digressive congregation and the brethren never contact or discuss this matter with them, on returning does
      that person need to make a public confession to be back in fellowship with the church? by Ronny Wade

      The Mission and Activities, and the Destiny of Angels by Alan Bonifay 
     Baptism:  Is It Necessary For Salvation? by Randall M. Tidmore
     Cancer and Christ by Harvey Hammonds
      Criticism - Giving and Receiving by Billy Dickinson 
     The Serenity Prayer (1937) by Howard Hammonds

      Hawkins-Moore Debate by Douglas Hawkins
        The Scriptures teach that the cup (drinking vessel) in the communion represents the new Covenant

      Keepers of the Spring by Rick Martin
      Give Heed by Garland T. Smith
     Preservation of Unity by Don L. King
     Should We  Pray Directly To Christ? by Bennie Cryer
     Querist Column  - 
What is the rapture? Does Luke 17:34-36 and I Thess 4:15-18 have any bearing 
      on the subject?
by Ronny F. Wade

     The Mystery of Christ and the Church by Billy Orten
     Promise Keepers and The Christian by Duane Permenter
     Fire and Brimstone? by Brett Hickey
     The Farr-Walker Debate by Billy Dickinson
     Promise Keepers:  An Unholy Alliance by Doug Hawkins
     Querist Column -
With reference to I Corinthians 14:15, what is poetic license? Is it a biblical concept?
       Does such require an individual to sing if that person feels the song is unscriptural?  
       Is it wrong (sin) for a Christian to use their contributions to the Church as a tax deduction on their income tax
by Ronny F. Wade

       Christian Men & Christian Women Make Christian Homes by Ryan Conner
      Returning Good For Evil by Don L. King
      The Walls of Jericho and the Tooth Fairy by Jerry Dickinson
      What Crucified My Lord? by Cecil Smith
      Querist Column - Does God sanction the death penalty? If so, who is to carry it out? Wouldn't this 
        be a violation of the scripture which teaches us we should not kill? by Ronny F. Wade

   The Sabbath Day by Barney Owens 
You Will Be Called By a New Name by Jerry Cutter  
19th Century Apostles?  by Brett Hickey
   "God Is No Respecter Of Persons" by Virgilio O. Danao
   Long Hair and Women Preachers by Andrew Ong
   Querist Column -
Do you believe that everything we do is worship? I have heard of some who are
    teaching this. by Ronny F. Wade 


    "Consistency, Thou Art a Jewel" by Don L. King
     The World of Romans One by Wayne McKamie
     Sacrificing The Future For Pleasures Of The Present by Rick Martin
     Local Teachers Are Important! by Billy Dickinson
     "Speaking To Yourselves In Psalms" by Brett Hickey
    Querist Column -
Is it scriptural to help those who are not Christians out of the church treasury? 
      Does Mt. 10:8 support such an idea?  
by Ronny F. Wade





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