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    The Impregnable Fortress by G.V. Ayers
    The Work of Elders by Don L. King
   Querist Column -
If a woman trims her hair, is she violating I Cor. 11:1-16? 
    Is Paul merely addressing a custom that applied to that time and place?
by Ronny F. Wade
    Empty Temples (Acts 17:24) Part 2  by C.A. Smith      

    "Building A Bridge To The 21st Century" by Billy D. Dickinson
    Making God Wait by Barney Owens
    The Querist Column -
Please explain James 5:14-15. Is this for the church today? by Ronny F. Wade
    One Stone At A Time  by Clovis T. Cook
    The Establishment of the Church - Acts 2  by Mark Deatherage
    "Don't Delay! Call Your Psychic Hotline Now!" by Tony Melton
    Hawkins - Hughes Discussion by Joe Hisle

    Adorning The Doctrine (Titus 2:10-12) by J. Wayne McKamie
    Elders, Their Authority  by Don L. King
    Querist Column -
What is the meaning of death in James 1:13-15? If one spiritually dies, how may     
     that person be restored to God? Must they be baptized again?

Does John 6:53-56 refer to the Lord's Supper? If so, and one forsakes the supper on an ongoing basis and dies
     spiritually, do they need to be re-baptized? 
by Ronny F. Wade
    Scriptures That Gave Me Strength In My Weakness by Billy Orten
    The Philippine Work by Don L. King

    "Let Your Yea Be Yea" by Paul 0. Nichols
    The Work of the Elders, Etc. by Don L. King
    Querist Column -
Does Psalms 51:5 teach that children are born in sin?  by Ronny F. Wade 
    Turn Right At The Cross by Edward Williamson
    Are We Really At The Right Place? (Part 1) by Brett Hickey

    Preparing One's Heart To Worship God  by Billy Orten
    Is It A Life Or Not A Life?  by Barney Owens
    Querist Column - 
Does Luke 1:48 teach that we are to worship the virgin Mary? 
     What scriptures teach that miracles have ceased?
by Ronny F. Wade
    What Is Repentance As Taught In The Bible? by Duane Permenter
    Eating The Lord's Flesh and Drinking His Blood
(Selected from The Book of Gems) 
by Benjamin Franklin

    Is Saturday Night Communion Mandatory?  by Carl M. Johnson
    Unity by Don L. King
    Querist Column -
Why did God require blood in his sacrifices?
     What are the scriptural considerations in the location of a church building? Could you list them in order of     
by Ronny F. Wade 
    "Let Her Be Covered" (Inside and Out!) by Kevin W. Presley
    Integrity  Job 2:1-10 (3), (9) by Mark Deatherage
    Household Baptisms
(Selected from The Book of Gems)  by Benjamin Franklin 

    "Whose Glory Is Their Shame"  by Ronny F. Wade 
     You Are Standing On Holy Ground  by Paul O. Nichols
    This and That  by Don McCord
     Walking With God  by Homer L. King
    Querist Column -
Is it wrong to invest money in the stock exchange? Is this gambling?
      Do you contend that it would be alright to prepare juice for the communion from grapes with tomatoes added 
      for enrichness? 
by Ronny F. Wade
    "Call Jesus, Lord, and Be Saved (?)  by Virgilio O. Danao, Sr.

    "What I Have Written I Have Written" by Jerry Dickinson
    "Ever Learning"  by Don L. King 
    Querist Column -
Who were the first people in the Bible of color? Were Adam and Eve white? Was the
      Ethiopian Eunuch black? 
by Ronny F. Wade
    Are We Really At The Right Place? (Part 2)  by Brett Hickey
    What Does The Bible Mean By Inspiration?  by Duane Permenter
    I Will Not Be Mastered By Anything!  1 Corinthians 6:12  by Ryan Connor

    Fulfilling Our Individual Duties To The Local Church  by T. E. Denton
     The Paul Problem  by Carl M. Johnson
    Women Teachers by Don L. King 
    Querist Column -
Why do the majority of the congregations meet in church buildings instead of
     members' homes, since that is the example given in the New Testament?
by Ronny F. Wade 
    Some Surprises In The Way God Deals With Me  by Billy Orten
    What Does 1 Tim. 2:11-12 Teach?  by Johnny Elmore
    Things To Consider by Don L. King 
    Querist Column  -
My question for you is twofold: (1) where do you find the scripture or scriptures to 
     justify the practice of public confession by an erring brother, (2) before he may take part in the worship
by Ronny F. Wade 
    Verbal Confession of Christ - Part 1  by George Battey (Reprinted By Request)  
    Guardian Angels by Alan Bonifay

    When Does The Lord's Day Begin and End?  by Jerry Cutter 
    A New Confession? by Don L. King 
    Verbal Confession of Christ  - Part 2  by George Battey (Reprinted By Request)  
    Angels Defined and Misconceptions About Them  by Alan Bonifay
    The Philippine Mission Work  by Virgilio O. Danao, Sr. 

    Conquering The Devil  by Bennie T. Cryer
    Items Of Interest  by Billy D. Dickinson 
    Querist Column -
It is wrong to place a steeple or a bell tower/ bell on a church of Christ building?
      In Acts 17:26, is "blood" used to denote human blood or is the idea that God no longer recognizes Jew and
      Gentile but all are one blood in Christ? by Ronny F. Wade
    The Origin Of Angels by Alan Bonifay
    The Good Confession  by Greg Gay

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