January 1, 1992 Issue
by Randy Tidmore

Brother Manuel is a native Honduran, 25 years old. He has been preaching the gospel full time for about two and one half years. In that time, it has been a pleasure to watch him grow and develop into a good preacher. He is very studious and has a strong desire to improve himself for his service to God. Although he grew up under adverse conditions, he let his personal struggles mold him into a mature young man with a strong faith in God. He did not have a chance to go to school as a child, but later, he worked days (sometimes two or three jobs) and went to school at night and graduated from sixth grade. He hopes to be able to continue his education as possible. Currently, Brother Manuel is working with me in a new effort in the northern major city of Honduras, San Pedro Sula. Brother Manuel is a true soldier of the cross, if I may judge, and is worthy of the support that he currently receives. He may never have the opportunity to visit the States personally, so I wanted to introduce him to the brotherhood this fashion. Remember him and his work in your prayers.


by Juan Manuel Aguilar

Quite often I have visited some brethren, to talk with them about heir spiritual and physical lives. My main interest has been to know why they don't assemble for the worship services. One of the excuses that they make is, "We were sick, but next Sunday we will be there." The following Sunday the same thing happens.

It appears that this sickness is a "Sunday Sickness." After the weekend, they never fail to make it to work, and it doesn't matter how the weather is. In rain or sunshine they make it, and sometimes they have to walk. This makes me think that for them, the things of this world are more important than the things of the Lord.

Their sickness isn't physical but spiritual. Why do they lie? Can they not tell the truth? Do they think that they will be justified by lying?

In the first place, those that lie do not belong to God, but to their father, the devil (John 8:44). Do you know where liars go? To heaven? No! They have their own place: hell. (Rev 21:8) Where do you want to go? To the lake of fire or paradise? You choose. Everyone has the freedom of choice.

It is a command to assemble with the saints? Certainly! (Heb 10:25) And if you don't think it is, you are hostile to what the Bible teaches (Rev 22:18,19). To assemble is part of the "Will of the Father." If you do not do it, you can't enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt 7:21). We must obey all of the Lord's commands (Matt 28:20). If we obey all of His commands, we have the security of eternal life. But if we fail to persevere to the end, we won't be saved (Mark 13:13). 

Written by your brother in Christ, Juan Manuel Aguilar, who loves you in the Lord. 

Brethren, I ask for your prayers for the spiritual growth of each one of the brethren, so that the work will advance as our God wants it to. (Borrowed from La Lampara, August, 1990. Translated and submitted by Randy Tidmore.)

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