January 1, 1992 Issue
by Alton B. Bailey

Several months ago I received a phone call from a brother in Nassau, Bahamas. He was desiring a large communion cup which we were able to supply. He and others broke away from liberalism and digression to begin worshiping the way the Bible teaches. They had a desire to do only what the Bible taught and nothing else. They studied subjects deeply and prayerfully, discussed them when they assembled for worship, striving to come to the proper conclusion of what the Scriptures actually taught regarding worship and other doctrinal matters. It should make us all rejoice to know that they now worship the same way the faithful brotherhood does.

An invitation was extended to me to come to the Bahamas to meet and become acquainted with them. November 18 brethren Mark Bailey and Phillip Prince and I arrived at the Airport in Nassau and met one of the brethren. They had rented a car for us and had reserved a unit in the beautiful Orchard Apts. We had services and studies from the first day we were there until we left with the exception of one day. On Lord's day we assembled in the home of one of the brethren. It was one of the most sacred services I have ever witnessed. They did not go to church thinking of leaving; they went to worship and time played no part in their plans. They began with several songs, seven or eight at least, followed by a morning beginning with Dan 2:44, followed with discussion of the lesson. We then sang several more songs. The Lord's supper was observed and after each item, there were several moments of quietness to meditate upon what they had just done, followed with more singing. Then the collection was taken after praying with thanksgiving to the Lord for their health and jobs to earn their living. The services began about 10:00 A.M. and were dismissed about 1:00 P.M. Before leaving Nassau, I talked with one of the leaders about listing the church there in the directory. He was not in favor of doing so at this time since different members had left the other church for different reasons. He said anyone was welcome to come and worship with them: however, he felt they should be more established before they began to advertise their services. He felt they should have a united front when they do that. They have come a long way with the Lord's help in their search for truth and will succeed if they continue as I am sure they will.

It was a pleasure to be associated with them and with Phillip and Mark on this trip. They were both very interested and involved. At night we had our own studies and prayed together for the good of the cause there. If anyone should plan a trip to the Bahamas and desire information about the brethren there you may contact either of us.

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