November 1, 1986 Issue
by Ronny F. Wade

    C.W. Mickey is editor of The Reasoner a "Christian letter published as a Church of Christ paper" from Tulia, Tx. Among other things "The Reasoner" teaches that the bread must be "blessed and broken" before anyone partakes of it and that the fruit of the vine must be blessed in one container, but after the giving of thanks, may be poured into as many cups as desired. In the May-August 1986 issue of the paper Brother Mickey answers the following question from a reader: "Let us say some members visited a church they thought was scriptural. When the bread was passed, it had not been broken after prayer. At least one did not partake. Did the one who did not partake do the right thing?" His reply: "Yes, the one who did not partake did the right thing. Why? Because if the bread is not blessed and broken before the members eat, it is NOT THE LORD'S BODY."

    Apparently some churches that were influenced by Mickey's false teaching in the past have given it up. All this has greatly upset "the editor" and he is now breathing out terrible threatenings against them. Hard pressed to the point of losing even more disciples C.W. issues the following fearless challenge: "A contest was set up to determine the true God. Do you like contests? We need one today. A like contest can be set up today to determine who is scriptural and who is not. Are you ready?" Again he writes "It then takes blessing and breaking of the bread to purify it or make this human bread holy--OR TO BECOME HIS BODY. I challenge any man on this sinful earth to deny this. Come forth you wise men--PROVE I AM WRONG WITH THE BIBLE."

    I'm not sure I would fit the editor's definition of a "wise man", but I will gladly answer his challenge. Several weeks ago I sent him (through some Christians in Georgia) propositions for debate, covering both the "bread-breaking" and "cups" issues. To date there has been nothing but silence. This leads us to ask: Brother Mickey do you like contests? If a contest like the one involving Elijah and the prophets of Baal can be set up, then why are you waiting? While I may not be your "wise man" I am at least "any man". What is the hold up? If your challenge was sincere, why don't you sign the proposition and return it? Surely your article wasn't intended for propaganda and designed to bolster the confidence of those people who agree with you? Why not let them hear both sides? You were the one who mentioned a contest, well--everything is ready, everything that is except the editor of the Reasoner.

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