January 1, 1986 Issue
by Don McCord

    "The common cup" ---Recently, Brady, my youngest son, brought to my attention an article in Time magazine in which is mentioned "the common cup" and its use with the universal fear of contracting the AIDS virus. An Episcopal priest warned his followers that drinking from the cup is not really so important that it cannot be omitted; he suggested that taking the bread is sufficient. Once more it is underscored how lightly men consider precious, sacred things, and how so often they are profaned. Examples set, commands made, the authority of Christ speaking seem to make no difference. Sometime ago my wife and I attended what they called the Mass of a Catholic friend; there was one chalice and one loaf, but this was about the only similarity to the Lord's Supper that one could detect. Again, how men profane sacred things. As my wife astutely said, "What a mockery of the body and blood of Christ." I am thinking, though, dear reader, our brethren in error really do no better than is seen in the above instances. If our own brethren can leave the pattern and observe the communion with so little regard and respect for the pattern, why should we consider it such a strange thing that denominations do? After all, our brethren got their practice of individual cups and loaves from the denominations. If men want to change the pattern, one change is no worse than the other.

    Abortion, and Its aftermath A memorial service was held recently in East Los Angeles for 16,433 aborted fetuses; reader, did you notice that staggering number? More said indeed is the fact that this number is small in comparison to the number already documented and not documented. Of all the tragedies of our times, abortion surely is the most repulsive to the Maker. Six wooden coffins contained the fetuses that were given a non-religious county burial, ending a 3-year legal battle over whether the county could give the fetuses to religious groups for burial. The president of this great Republic called them "the innocent dead". Surely, this is the way it is; where, oh where, are the men and women who are responsible for this? Their consciences must plague them day and night; the fires of hell surely will. "Works of the flesh" still are "adultery, fornication murder--" (Gal 5:19-21).

Honor to whom honor Sometime ago I read an article by the song-writer and preacher L. O. Sanderson. He was opining the fact that so few members of the church generally are song writers. He mentioned along with Tillit S. Teddlie, Bro. Lynwood Smith as being prolific and leading as members of the church of Christ in song-writing. I thought this was great of Bro. Sanderson. I want to say this while both Lynwood and I are on time's side. We owe to this man a great debt of gratitude for what he has done and is doing for the church in the field of song. I think I counted 41 songs in the book we use at home that Bro. Lynwood Smith wrote; this is remarkable; what a blessing to him and others, and the church, is this talent. No group of religious people anywhere on earth can equal our brethren generally in beautiful spiritual singing. Much of this is due to the fact that many of our people know how to sing, but much of it, too, is due to Lynwood Smith's ability in keeping the church supplied with the best spiritual songs written. I hereby express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to this man; I know I express the sentiments of many others, too.

    I often say that I work with, worship with, preach to and preach for the best people on earth, and I sincerely believe that. I know we have our faults and failings, but in spite of them, without bias, I can say our people are the best. There are three families I want to accent here, please; there are more, but to me these, among others, have been such an inspiration to me and others, and such a blessing to the church. These are families I wish everyone could know. First, the Albert Cutter family, originating in Crescent, Okla. Nearly 40 years ago it was my privilege to go one dark, dreary night to the Cutter home with three older men, W.M. McLemore, Ray Meredith and John Spradley, Jr. The old 7th St. congregation, Oklahoma City, where we were members, had gotten word by way of someone in the Frank Everett family, by way of one Bro. Dolph Keener who, as I remember had become a Christian from Catholicism, that the Cutter family in the country out of Crescent was standing firm against some who were advocating innovations in the worship, and deserved a visit by brethren who, too, were opposed to innovations. We found the big Cutter family reading the Bible, a Bible-reading scene I have never forgotten. Bro. and Sister Cutter with this big family wanted nothing from all accounts but the truth for themselves and those children. What a remarkable family this one is and has become over these years; from them have come preachers, elders in the Lords church. One in this family, Bro. Jerry Cutter, has the distinction of having preached the gospel now on 5 of the 7 Continents of the earth; I do not know of another man who has done that. I believe there are 12 of these children, all of them faithful in the church. What a blessing the Albert Cutter's have been and are to this world and to the church of our Lord. Lord bless these two people and their posterity!!

The Calvin Prince family is another family that everyone needs to know. What a blessing these folks have been to me and others. They all are members of the body meeting at Napoleon, Alabama. Calvin and Jeannette have 8, and they are all faithful in the church; 6 of them are married to Christians; the other 2 are yet unmarried. What singers they are! At this writers meeting at Napoleon last summer, I can remember just one night that all of them did not attend, and one had a responsibility that could not wait. We need Prince's all over this land. Then, there is the Walter and Sylvia Wilson family all of Texas, with the family home now on the Medina River in the Texas hill country. There are 5 children, all faithful in the church, and scattered helping the church wherever they are. The two who are married are wed to stalwart men in the faith. Dear reader, some of you know these folks; I wish all of you know them. What a blessing they are to me! I want them to know, and want to tell you so.

The loaf --That the loaf on the Lord's Table should be properly prepared is something we all agree upon; there are some misconceptions about the loaf, however. I have heard it said and called "the pale loaf" that signifies the pale body; reader, that has nothing to do with the loaf being the body of Christ on His table. The color of the flour used simply makes no difference. I have heard it said that if we eat unworthily, we eat damnation or condemnation to our souls; the Bible does not say that, and I for one am glad it does not. Sometimes the loaf is over-cooked; sometimes under-cooked. Sometimes it is tough; sometimes it is brittle. This writer has made it a hobby for some time to collect "loaf recipes" from sisters who will share them. Here are some of my gleanings for sisters consideration. Sylvia Wilson, Medina, TX 1 t. olive oil, 2 t. water and enough flour to keep from bubbling while baking. Cook slowly (Wanda, my wife, who makes a very good loaf says cooking slowly is one of the keys). Mary Lou McKinney, Indiana, PA 1 t. oil, 3 t. boiling water, 7 t. flour. Add oil to hot water, and flour a little at a time. Bake 20 min. at 300 degrees. Agnes Nesbitt, Graham, TX - 3 t. oil, 1/4 t. salt (optional), 12 t. hot water; bake in pan on wax paper at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. Wilma May, Mt. Home, Mo. says bake at 300 degrees for 7 minutes beginning with a cold oven. Ida Garrett, Caldwell, ID says turn the loaf often to keep it from bubbling. Clara Hefley, Arvin, CA does not use oil, and her loaf is a good one. She uses water and mixes flour in very well, the secret to keep bubbles from forming while cooking. Alice Barrett cautions, too, that slow cooking is one of the secrets to a good loaf. Hopefully, this will be helpful to others whose responsibility it is to prepare the loaf for the Lord's Table, a more awesome responsibility than some may think.


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