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A new electronic personal information manager for Christian professionals is now available from Bible Companion Software. *Clergy Tools™ is a stand alone program designed for the PC. In addition to keeping track of routine items like daily appointments and addresses, the program lets the user manage information and responsibilities unique to Christian service.

*Note: would prefer another name for this product other than "Clergy Tools™" however we do believe that the tools available in it are very beneficial to Preachers of the Gospel.

Clergy Tools includes ten different productivity tools in one value packed program.

The Sermons tool allows users to build a complete database of sermons, teaching notes, and other text-based information. The database links to either the regular word-processor or to the internal word processor provided with Clergy Tools™.
The Library tool allows users to build a complete database of reference materials including books, magazine articles, AV materials and other items. Users can also record who books and other items are loaned to!
The Counselor tool allows users to build two custom databases. There is a Counseling Topics database for easy access to thematic and Scriptural information, and a Counseling Interview database for notes on actual counseling sessions. A password security feature insures confidentiality.
The Scheduler tool is a complete time management system--an Appointment Calendar for comprehensive daily planning, a Weekly Calendar for week-at-a-glance summaries, and a Yearly Calendar for advance planning. A pop-up To Do List allows users to track important projects.
The Address book tool allows users to assemble all contact information in one convenient place, refer to it quickly and move the data into other Clergy Tools applications. Contact information can be imported from many church management systems.
The Visitation tool helps you manage this vital ministry by providing a simple and convenient place to record essential information about pastoral visits, past and future. Users can record the date, purpose, travel directions, and results of each visit.
The Prayer tool allows users to maintain a complete prayer journal. For each item users can record the date, name, prayer need, description and the answer to the prayer request. Names can be easily imported from the Address tool.
The Expense tool is a flexible database for recording travel and other expenses. There are multiple data fields for each expense item including automatic mileage calculation. Several print options facilitate complete tax and reimbursement reporting.
The Clergy Tools word processor provides a convenient way to prepare letters, memos, and other simple documents. Special features include the ability to import name and address information from the Address tool, and to insert Bible texts or popular quotations.
The Information tool provides quick access to general information such as area codes, time zones, travel information, and important dates. The general information is easily customized or updated. Users can even create and personalize their own information file.

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To see a screen shot walk-through of the product click here.

To see a screen shot walk-through of the product click here.


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